Even More Tips and Tricks

To avoid matching seams when piecing 11" squares of fabric we stagger the blocks by alternating the rows.......one row of six 11” blocks, and one row of five 11" blocks with a 6 x 11 (half) on each end.

- Lorraine Keller., New York


Each year 3 of our congregations display Quilts and LWR information at the area medical center. One congregation provides quilts to decorate an area senior center. These displays enhance ELCA identity in the area, provide education to our mission. Sometimes we also gain donations and workers. Showing the quilts also lifts our spirits.

- Judith Quirk., Michigan


Have plenty of goodies and coffee and you can guarantee that helpful hands will show up!

- Roberta., California

My quilting group the Piece-Makers have 2 tips that are helpful for the members who tie quilts. We use leg extenders (purchased in packages of 4 at a place like Bed, Bath, & Beyond) to raise the tables on which we tie quilts to a more comfortable height. As a guide for the placement of ties, we lay a sheet with 1 1/2" circle openings cut 10" apart on the top of the quilt. Ties through the top, filler, and back are made in the circle openings. We call the sheet the "hole-y ghost."

- Dorothy Randall., Montana


1. Ask hotels/motels for old bedding to use as middles. 2. Ask for jeans and overalls to sew into denim tops. 3. Shop garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops for sheets and fabrics. 4. Note donations in church bulletins/newsletter because more donations will be given!

- Myrna Lou Meyer., Oklahoma


Having a regular quilting day scheduled makes it easier for all people to remember when we will be working on our LWR quilts. Enjoying a potluck lunch adds to the festivities of the working day!

- Dottie Hayden., Wisconsin