This Giving Tuesday, many generous individuals came together to form a Sheep Squad, donating nearly 300 sheep to families in need. (Photo by Jake Lyell)

Giving Tuesday Sheep Squad raises nearly 300 sheep for families in need!

Giving Tuesday was nothing short of amazing! 

In total, just over 180 people donated 272 sheep and became a part of our Sheep Squad!

Thank you!

We're still pushing toward our goal of 300. If you didn't get a chance to join the Sheep Squad on Giving Tuesday, there's still time to help!

But first, you might be wondering...

"What in the world is a Sheep Squad?"

Our Sheep Squad is made up of generous and compassionate people like you, who want to transform the lives of people in need around the world! (And if you join us — and get us to the homestretch — it includes you, too!)

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to help us raise 300 Sheep in honor of Giving Tuesday (November 27), to send to families living in poverty.

Assouman Ayouba (9) hugs one of his family’s sheep that was bred under the 12/12 Alliance’s sheep-fattening initiative in Tahoua Region, Niger Alliance 12/12 Project - Niger, West Africa. Photo by Jake Lyell for Lutheran World Relief

A young boy hugs a sheep at his home in Niger. His family received LWR Sheep and have now bred more sheep to help support their family. (Photo by Jake Lyell)

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"Awesome, but why sheep?"

Another great question. (You're two for two!)

Sheep are valuable assets in places like Niger, where Lutheran World Relief works with farmers to adapt to changing climate conditions and prepare for the future.

Sheep can be used for a variety of purposes and sold when families need income.

But here’s the really cool thing. When you give a family an LWR Sheep, you aren’t just giving sheep, you’re giving feed and training on its care. So, the family who receives that sheep can truly benefit from it for a long time to come.

Tabizou Mahamadou (55), shown here feeding a sheep at her home in Tahoua Region, Niger, has benefitted from sheep fattening and selling initiatives under the 12/12 Alliance project Alliance 12/12 Project - Niger, West Africa. (Photo by Jake Lyell for Lutheran World Relief.)

Here, a woman in Niger feeds her sheep. Her flock helps provide much-needed income. (Photo by Jake Lyell)

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"Great, I'm in! What do I do next?"

  1. Give a sheep. Join the Squad! We are so close to our goal. Make your secure sheep donation and help us cross the finish line! 
  2. Next, spread the word! Giving Tuesday is over, but you can still honor friends and family, and help families in need this Christmas season by giving LWR Gifts. Let your family know you donated a sheep and encourage them to check out our online catalog!
  3. Show your Sheep Squad pride. After you've donated your sheep, you'll receive an official Sheep Squad badge that you can share on social media to let others know you transformed lives.

So what do you say? Will you help us reach our goal? 

We need ewe!