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Country Profiles: LWR in Honduras

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LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF (LWR) has been working in Honduras since the early 1990s and has maintained a permanent presence in the country since 2011. Working in partnership with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ecumenical alliances, farmers’ organizations and other cocoa and coffee value chain actors, LWR currently engages with agricultural communities primarily in northern and western regions of the country to establish agricultural systems that increase incomes and food security for smallholder farmers. LWR assists farmers in these communities to respond to increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, insufficient water sources, limited technical resources for agricultural production, and weak organizational systems. LWR’s focus on agriculture value chains is complemented by efforts to help farmers diversify agro-forestry production, improve farm processing, upgrade farm storage practices, and strengthen local food markets.

Additionally, LWR works with emergency response agencies and coordination networks to plan for and respond to natural disasters and other emergencies both on a local and a national scale.

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