• Manage Your Monthly Donation

    We are so grateful for you and your commitment to sharing God’s love with those most in need.
    Please follow the instructions below to access your account, where you can review and update your contact information, monthly gift details, payment method, and more.

    If you became a Faithful Neighbor monthly donor
    before April 10, 2023, or your
    gift was made by mail or phone,
    your details are stored in our legacy portal.


    If you became a Faithful Neighbor monthly donor
    after April 10, 2023, and your
    donation was set up online, you now
    have access to the new portal.


Note: if you are using the legacy portal and would like to upgrade to the new and improved Faithful Neighbor portal experience, please reach us at @email or call 410.230.2897 between the hours of 9:00 am ET and 5:00 pm ET and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Having trouble accessing your information? Give us a call or email us at the address above and our dedicated Faithful Neighbor support line will be available to assist you.