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    Season of Hope: Lent 2021

Dear Partner in Ministry,

As we approach Lent, so many of our neighbors around the world are longing to experience — to truly touch, hear, see, smell and taste — the hope that only Jesus can bring. Meanwhile, we know your congregation is restless and eager to be Christ’s hands and feet in a world reeling from hardship.


During this sacred time, will you join LWR in serving our poorest neighbors by providing real, tangible hope? Your congregation can help by gathering and assembling Personal Care Kits, either individually or in socially distanced groups, to fill our empty warehouse shelves. 

We’ve also created a full suite of resources for congregational leaders called “Sensing Hope,” including a 5-week sermon series and individual or small group guides — all of which can be used digitally or in-person to nurture hope and action in your congregation during these 40 days. 

Everything you need to get started can be found below. We hope your congregation will join us in spreading Christ’s love to usher in a new season: A SEASON OF HOPE.

In Christ,

Hands-on activity: Make Personal Care Kits

Personal Care Kits can be assembled by individuals or families at home, or as a group activity at church – whatever fits your congregation’s needs best. Please note that local collection of kits will vary from state to state, and your closest opportunity may not take place until the fall. Be sure to click on the “Send your kits to LWR” link below first to guide you in determining how you’d like to set up your Personal Care Kit project this Lent.

Congregational Leader Resources: Sensing Hope

Below, you'll find a 5-week sermon series and individual or small group study guides, including accompanying photos and a PowerPoint slide. All resources can be used digitally or in-person to nurture hope and action in your congregation during these 40 days.

Week 1

TOUCHING HOPE: Meeting urgent needs during COVID-19

Despite struggling to raise a strong crop in an arid and infertile area of Kenya, Regina Mwangangi gives thanks to God as she prays for a better harvest. 

In Luke 7, Jesus heals a centurion's slave from a distance — without touching him or even being in the same room. Learn how your congregation can provide tangible, lasting hope to your neighbors in need, even as we continue social distancing.  

Week 2

HEARING HOPE: Spreading hope after the Beirut explosion 

Quilts and kits once thought destroyed in the Aug. 4, 2020 Beirut port explosion are distributed to Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

In Mark 7, Jesus heals a man who is deaf and mute. Just as the man's friends made his needs known to Jesus, open your ears and hearts this week to hear the needs of your neighbors around the world.

Week 3

SEEING HOPE: Restoring hope after Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Central America

In Mark 10, Bartimaeus sees hope in Jesus, and Jesus sees Bartimaeus’ need and restores his sight. Who are the neighbors your congregation does not see? This week, you are invited to see the needs of our neighbors in Central America.

Week 4

SMELLING HOPE: Reclaiming hope in Zambia for those in poverty

What does hope smell like? In 2 Corinthians 2, we are reminded that we are the aroma of Christ. This week, explore what hope smells like when your congregation's love reaches our neighbors in Zambia.

Week 5

TASTING HOPE: Bringing safety and refuge to refugees in Syria

What does hope taste like? In Ruth 1, Ruth and Naomi journey from famine to harvest. Learn about the arduous journey our neighbors undertake from Syria to Lebanon and explore how your congregation can provide refuge and hope.