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Syrian Refugee Crisis

Your gift supports families living in Syria and those who have fled their home country.

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What You Support

AS THE CIVIL WAR IN SYRIA CONTINUES, violence and the total destruction of cities and towns has forced millions of Syrians to seek asylum outside of the country, and internally-displaced millions more, who cannot, for a multitude of reasons, leave Syria. Read the latest updates about the crisis

  • LWR helps families access food and earn income. LWR worked with a local partner in Syria to offer cash-for-work activities designed to ease the economic strain on internally displaced Syrians, who have few income-generating options, by providing them the opportunity to work on projects like restoring building or community centers, child care centers, hospitals and community kitchens.
  • In Jordan, LWR is offering workshops for Syrian refugee women on how to start their own business. In addition, they distributed hundreds of dignity care kits, infant kits, and school kits to refugees and needy families.
  • In northern Iraq (Kurdistan), LWR has partnered with Lutheran World Federation to increase food security, offer psychosocial support, improve water and sanitation systems, and offer skills training to refugees and internally displaced people.
  • LWR is shipping Mission Quilts, Baby Care Kits, School Kits and Personal Care Kits to Armenia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia and Syria for distribution among refugees and IDPs. Since 2011 (the year the civil war began), Lutherans have sent more than $7 million of Quilts and Kits reaching more than 340,000 people.
  • LWR is continually supporting ACT Alliance members in providing humanitarian support to refugees. ACT members have provided hygiene items, winter coats and blankets, emergency shelter and psychosocial support in Hungary, Serbia and Greece.  More recently, LWR is supporting and coordinating with ACT members engaged in response in Syria.

We continue to remain in contact with our local partners on the ground and ACT Alliance to determine additional needs and how LWR can assist to meet these needs.


  • Give to the Crisis in Syria fund. Your gifts will support the Crisis in Syria fund until needs there are met. Gifts received after that time will be used where needs are greatest.
  • Make Quilts and Kits. Donating Quilts and Kits helps ensure we have an adequate supply to send around the world to partners who request them, as well as in response to emergencies.
  • Pray for the people affected by this crisis and the humanitarian aid staff working to reach them.

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Adra and her baby, Lin, fled their home in Syria after violence erupted. They received a Baby Care Kit, Mission Quilts and Personal Care Kits, full of supplies that will help her family stay healthy.