Use Thrivent Choice Dollars® to Reach the World’s Poorest Communities

Cheese producer Doris Rafael with her sons Michael, left, and Brayan, outside their home in Hualgayoc, Peru. The family has benefitted from a LWR project that helped to transform the dairy industry in the region that helped to raise the quality of their cheese to world class standards. They also recently received quilts and school kits during an LWR distribution. (Photo Credit: Sara A. Farjado for LWR)

Around the world, millions of our fellow brothers and sisters live in extreme poverty, beyond the reach of life-sustaining resources. Hunger is pervasive, and they are cut off from health care, education and other basic services.

If you’re a Thrivent Financial member, you may be eligible to participate in Thrivent Choice® and recommend where some of Thrivent Financial’s 2016 charitable outreach funds go. But there’ isn’t much time – the deadline to direct Choice Dollars® is March 31!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Call 1-800-THRIVENT  or visit the Thrivent Financial website to find out if you have Dollars you are eligible to direct.
  2. To direct Choice Dollars® to Lutheran World Relief, you can do so online or over the phone – but you must direct 2016 Choice Dollars® by March 31st!

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out to families in need and help them transition from survival to stability. Here are just a few places where those funds make a big difference.

Haiti: Hurricane Matthew Recovery

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Diana and her family live in Northeast Haiti in an area that was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew in November 2016. Her husband is a fisherman and saw his boat and nets destroyed, washing away their only means of livelihood. When you direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to LWR, those funds reach out to families like Diana’s and provide opportunities to earn income as they work to recover, receive new fishing nets and other essential equipment, so families can get back to being self-sufficient after disasters strike.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in Haiti!

Indonesia: Equipping Farmers to Grow Better Futures

Tawuru May is a leader in her farmers group in the village of Wunga, Eastern Sumba, Indonesia. Families in this region depend on their land to survive, yet climate change and other factors were making it increasingly difficult to make a living. When you direct Thrivent Choice Dollars® to LWR, those funds help farmers like Tawuru learn to get the most out of their land and other natural resources, so that they can grow crops, feed their families and build better futures.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in Indonesia!

Uganda: Strengthening Coffee the Livelihoods of Poor Coffee Farmers

The Wotea family farms coffee in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda. Coffee is big business around the world, but most of it is grown by poor farmers working small plots of land. When you direct Thrivent Choice® Dollars to LWR, those funds help support coffee farmers to grow better quality coffee beans, and cooperatives to better support farmers and sell those beans. Funding also provides other essential resources to communities, such as boreholes to access water.

Make Thrivent Choice® Count in Uganda!