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Help fight childhood malnutrition in the Philippines

Lydia Guerero is a widow, a farmer and a mother of six children. She lives on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Children in her village often struggle with malnutrition. They traditionally survive on just grains and dried fish.

After her husband died, it was especially hard for Lydia to provide her family with enough food — let alone a healthy diet. And without easy access to vegetables and fruits, children can’t get the nutrients they need. So if Lydia can’t grow vegetables and fruits — or harvest enough to sell and buy other foods — her family’s health suffers.

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Thanks to friends like you, Lydia received seeds, tools, five ducks and training from Lutheran World Relief. Now, her family’s diet is improved. They even produce enough vegetables and corn to sell for profit. And that’s making a huge difference.

Lydia is so grateful for the help she’s received. She now grows cassava, bananas, corn and a variety of vegetables to feed her family. And now Lydia and other women in her farming group share a mechanical corn sheller — allowing them to harvest and process corn at the best time of year to increase their profits. So Lydia can now sell vegetables in a small store, allowing her to earn some money.

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This women’s group in the Philippines is taking part in agricultural training that will help them grow nutritious vegetables for their families to eat and sell.

Still, Lydia and her children face tough months each year — those worrisome periods between harvest times. But with your gift you can help Lydia’s family – and many others – learn how to grow even more vegetables and how to store them so their food lasts longer. That also means tehy can better withstand the loss of crops that comes with the frequent typhoons, monsoons, floods and droughts that hit this region of the world.

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