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3 Easy (and quick!) meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas

Eufemia Chaparro is part of the Arhuaco indigenous group in Colombia. LWR is helping the Arhuaco learn to grow cacao on their ancestral land to improve their income. She is pictured here with son, Seyarimaku, 2. (Photo by Sara A. Fajardo for LWR)

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14.

What better way to show appreciation to the mothers in your life than to help create a better life for people around the world living in poverty?

And there’s good news. Changing someone’s life in honor of Mother’s Day is both meaningful and easy with LWR Gifts. Here are a few quick ideas. Be sure to browse the full LWR Gifts online catalog for even more great ideas.

Going to Brunch?

Dilma Rodriguez, from El Salvador, stands with her flock of hens. (Photo Credit: Morgan Arnold for LWR)

Mother’s Day brunch is a time-honored tradition. Give it a deeper meaning by giving a woman farmer Hens & Chicks that provide eggs to eat, eggs to sell and a flock that will provide income for years to come.

Give Hens & Chicks!

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Get Cheesy?

Kunti Hembrom, 32, of Govindpur Village, Nauadih Panchayat, Bihar, India with a few of her “kids.”

Around the world, goats are a consistent and valuable source of income for families. They provide milk to drink, sell and to make into cheese! Get cheesy this Mother’s Day and give an LWR Goat.

Give a Goat!

Celebrate Life

Children in the Philippines learn how to properly wash their hands.

Water is life’s essential element. Without enough water, families cannot grow food, raise livestock, earn income or stay healthy. Give the gift of a Family Water System and give the foundation for a better life.

Give a Family Water System!


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