Your partnership can change a life … for good!

The new year always serves as a time of reflection. It serves as a time to contemplate on God’s all-encompassing love and blessings and to better share what we have so abundantly received with others, especially with those in need.  

When you share your blessings with children and their families who are hungry, thirsty, scared and alone, you are helping to deliver Christ’s love to them. At times when your most vulnerable neighbors are suffering, they take comfort in knowing they have you … a faithful friend who cares and keeps them in your prayers. 


Now more than ever, with families in Türkiye struggling to recover from earthquakes, severe hunger in Mali and Tanzania, and war and natural disasters around the world, God’s children who are suffering are so grateful for your lifesaving support and partnership. 

You can help ... 

You’ll also help ensure that God’s children with the very least do not feel alone and forgotten, but know they are loved — because compassionate people like you care.

Your compassion and generosity will reach and uplift your neighbors with the very least.

Neighbors like:

A grandmother posing with her granddaughter
Aminata and her granddaughter Oumou 

Aminata, a loving grandmother in Mali who does backbreaking work to try to provide for her granddaughter, Oumou. Despite her efforts, Oumou isn’t getting enough to eat and is often sick. “Words can’t express how bad I feel,” says Aminata. “I can’t help her out of this situation. I have no means to do that.” By sharing your blessings, you ease a weary grandmother’s burdens.

A father holdin his 3-year-old daughter.
Ilin and her father Amer

Ilin, who at just 3 years old, was trapped under rubble for four hours after a devastating earthquake destroyed her home in Türkiye. She emerged only to learn the heartbreaking news that her mother and two sisters died. Your caring heart shelters Ilin and her father, Amer, as they try to rebuild their lives.

A mother carrying her baby on her back.
Shaida and her daughter Zuhura

And Shaida, a loving mother in Tanzania who worries her 2-year-old daughter, Zuhura, will face the same fate as her oldest daughter, who didn’t get the nutrients she needed to grow, learn and thrive. Sadly, her brain didn’t develop properly, and she wasn’t able to complete secondary school. Your gift delivers a strong start to life for Zuhura and healthy food for the entire family.

Partners like you — loving and caring friends of faith — have helped suffering children, women and men overcome daily hardships and survive unexpected disasters. 

Can we count on you to continue helping neighbors like Aminata, Ilin and Shaida?