Lutheran World Relief’s Emily Grose walking through the earthquake zone in Antakya, Türkiye. 

Impact update: One year since the earthquake in Türkiye

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Feb 5, 2024

On February 6, 2023, a massive earthquake in Türkiye left thousands of families in crisis.  

In faith and generosity, Lutherans like you rushed help and hope during this time of unimaginable loss.  

Over the past year, much of the world has since turned its attention elsewhere. But your compassion has persisted, easing suffering and meeting critical needs as families and communities work to recover. Thank you for coming through for your neighbors in Türkiye!  

How Lutherans responded to the earthquake in Türkiye

Over the past year, your compassion reached 10,610 people who needed it most.   

These children, families and older adults lost their loved ones, homes, belongings, livelihoods, EVERYTHING. The destruction was some of the worst we’ve ever seen.  

With your support, head chef Gulsah Sahin serves community members hot meals from a mobile kitchen in Kirikhan, Türkiye.

You provided urgently needed supplies.   

There was almost no food or water for weeks afterward. Aftershocks made it unsafe to go inside any building. As rain poured down on families who had no supplies and nowhere else to go, the comfort of your love provided hot meals, clean water, tents, clothing, and LWR quilts and kits.   

Çağla Sağlam lost her husband, her home and her peace in the earthquake. Thanks to your generosity, she and her four children are sheltered safely in a container home.

You stayed to meet longer-term needs.   

You provided daily food support, fully furnished container homes and much-needed trauma counseling to help families get back on their feet. 

One year after the earthquake, Leyla Güleryüz (right) still lives in a tent with 9 other people, including her mother Seher Güleryüz (pictured) who is undergoing cancer treatment.

You offered comfort through Lutheran World Relief Quilts & Kits.   

Your generosity distributed 11,880 Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilts, 14,440 Personal Care Kits and 5,760 Baby Care Kits to families affected by the earthquake.  

“It gets very, very bitterly cold at night,” says Leyla Güleryüz. One year after the earthquake destroyed their home, she still lives in a tent with 9 other people, including her chronically ill parents and an infant nephew. She and her family were grateful to receive the quilts and kits. “We are very happy that you thought of us.”  

What’s next?

Jobs remain scarce, and it is still challenging for many families to buy food and essentials. Through your generosity, we are launching a new initiative to help women start and operate small businesses to provide for their families.  

Thank you for your continued support as recovery continues.  

You are a blessing to neighbors in crisis 

When disaster struck in Türkiye, your quick response saved lives and brought comfort where it was needed most. You don’t have to wait until the next emergency to make a difference. Every gift you give helps us stay longer — and prepares us to act quickly when the need arises.  


Until your love reaches every neighbor. 

Emily Esworthy, Feb 5, 2024 email