Extend Christ’s love this Easter and improve tomorrows for our neighbors in South Sudan

  • Niki Clark
  • Feb 26, 2024

Look how proud little Toal is of that melon! She seems almost protective of it, doesn’t she?  

That’s because her mother had to suffer greatly to grow that beautiful fruit. And kind, compassionate people like you help plant the seeds.   

You see, Toal, her siblings and their mother, Nyakuaw, live in South Sudan. While the vicious Civil War ended in 2020, the violence did not. Nyakuaw feared for her children’s lives and fled her comfortable village.  

And … she did it alone.  

Nyakuaw’s husband abandoned her and their four children. And in her culture, she’s not allowed to remarry, so she has no choice but to face life’s challenges alone.  

Yet, like many single mothers, she is strong. When the violence started, she walked for days with her children before reaching their new village of Ayod. She collected wood and built a new hut — by herself. 

Nyakuaw is strong, but she needs your help.


But she can’t do it all. She’s navigating all the newness alone. And she struggles to find enough food to feed her family.  

Your kindness answers Christ’s calling this Easter Season

Your Easter kindness provides the help mothers like Nyakuaw need to feed their children and build a better life without the threat of violence, disease or starvation.  

Easter reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. His death for our salvation is the purest definition of love.   

Your compassionate gift answers Christ’s calling to all of us this Easter season — to love every neighbor. And you will help save lives by arming God’s children with the support they need to survive and thrive.  

Nyakuaw and have her children (with Toal here) have faced unspeakable tragedy, but your love is healing

Life as Nyakuaw and her children knew it changed forever when they were forced to flee their home to escape unthinkable violence.  

But through your love and generosity, they can rebuild.  

“I can now support my family with what I grow and can sell the excess in the market,” she shares proudly.  

Your caring support gives hardworking mothers the tools and resources they need to build sustainable lives and gives precious children like Toal the chance to grow up healthy and strong.   

The produce Nyakuaw grows not only feeds her children but also yields enough to earn an income.  

By extending your caring love— you are changing lives forever.

Thanks to you, mothers like Nyakuaw will rise above the challenges they face. You are helping them plant the seeds now that will bloom into brighter futures for their families.   

God bless you for shining Christ’s light into the lives of God’s children who need you this Easter.  


Niki Clark, Feb 26, 2024 email