Your caring heart can nourish hungry children — and have double the impact

Can you imagine what it must feel like to watch your child go hungry?

Shaida, a loving mother in Tanzania, can tell you. You feel scared, helpless and desperate. Your heart breaks for your hungry child and you worry for their future.

Shaida works hard as a farmer to provide for her children. Yet, she still worries that her children are not getting enough to eat.

And she knows the dangers of starvation all too well.

You see, her oldest daughter, Fatuma, didn't get enough nutritious food or fortifying vitamins to grow and thrive, so her brain couldn’t develop properly. And she's struggled ever since, never completing secondary school.

Fatuma’s young siblings are struggling

Fatuma's 2-year-old sister, Zuhura, and two young brothers, Iman (10) and Imani (6), are starving for nutrients. Your love can feed their bellies and their hearts before it's too late for them to grow and thrive ― a sad reality for their older sister, Fatuma.

Fortunately, a group of caring donors who want to reach hungry children, like Shaida's, have come together to provide a matching gift challenge for loving neighbors, like you, who want to help.

When you give a gift by June 30, these donors will match your donation dollar for dollar — doubling the impact you'll make!

By answering God's call to help today, you can provide nutrient-rich food and deliver critical school kits and learning resources to children in need. And, because of our generous donor match, it will have twice the reach.


Sharing TWICE your love with neighbors in need

Because of people like you, who open their hearts when they see an opportunity to help, a nutrition advisor showed Shaida how to make a porridge that would provide a more well-balanced meal to help her children’s young minds and bodies grow.

You can imagine that Shaida was filled with feelings of relief, joy and gratitude.

You are the kind of person who can share that same feeling with more mothers. You are the kind of person who can nourish hungry children and help them grow up strong and with the energy they need to learn and succeed in school.

You can help even more children who need you

A young boy holding up a book bag.


When you share your blessings today, you can have DOUBLE the life-changing impact by providing:

  • Access to a variety of nutritious foods.

  • School kits packed lovingly with essential supplies, like pencils, erasers, pens, paper, scissors, crayons and a ruler.

  • Developmental training for children to learn valuable life skills.

  • Resources that ensure families can battle malnutrition by fortifying meals with vitamin-rich foods.

  • A joyful and healthy start to life for children around the globe.

When families have sufficient access to food, as well as the knowledge to provide healthy, nourishing meals — more children will survive and thrive.

So please consider giving the gift of healthy food — and life — which will MULTIPLY 2X and improve the lives of children and their families who need your love today.

Thank you for sharing your love and caring heart with your young and hungry neighbors in need.

God Bless You!


A mother feeding her baby daughter