Local residents carry their belongings as they evacuated from a flooded neighborhood in Kherson, Ukraine. The wall of a major dam in a part of southern Ukraine has collapsed, triggering floods, endangering Europe's largest nuclear power plant and threatening drinking water supplies. (AP Photo/Libkos)

[UKRAINE FLOODS] You can rush aid to families devastated after dam collapse

BREAKING: Whole communities are underwater after the Nova Kakhovka dam collapsed June 6. The deadly flood has engulfed over 200 square miles in southern Ukraine. Thousands have lost everything and have nowhere to go. Your love is needed more than ever in Ukraine and other hard-hit places around the world.


The collapse of a dam in southern Ukraine has caused a deadly flood that left thousands in desperate need of aid and safe shelter this week. Authorities are calling it a “situation of despair.”

The crisis is expected to worsen as the water continues to flood the countryside. Families there are already war-weary, recently liberated after months of fighting. Now, they are seeking safety yet again.

Our team in Ukraine is on the way to help and need your support to launch the critical response efforts needed to care for the thousands in crisis. Will you help get lifesaving support to children, women and men in Ukraine and around the world?

Right now, you can:

  • Comfort families with secure shelter. Industrial-strength tents set up in areas safe from flood water can accommodate up to 60 people at a time.

  • Supply electricity, water, food and essential supplies. Generators, water tanks, hot meals and essentials, like personal hygiene items, will be rushed to the tents. 

  • Provide high-quality emergency care teams. The teams include medical first aid and a dedicated search and rescue team. 

When your neighbors around the world are met with the unexpected, it can feel like they have nowhere to turn. Your love will shine through the devastation, embracing families who have lost everything.

Right now, you can show neighbors in Ukraine, and around the world, they are loved.

Give today to make sure they have a warm meal and a safe place to rest their heads.