Your love has given Rajendra and his family (pictured here with his 6-year-old daughter Annu) a safer and brighter future. 

Rising above the floodwaters in India and Nepal

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Dec 1, 2023

Rajendra Kushwaha and Nikky Devi woke up to find water pouring into their bamboo and mud home. They did what they always do when the river floods its banks: they grabbed their five young daughters, including 6-year-old Annu, and ran. 

In the darkness, they struggled to carry their children through knee-deep water as debris slammed into their legs. When they finally made it to higher ground, their neighbors’ cries told them that others were not as lucky. 

The river, which creates a natural border between India and Nepal, makes the land fertile for growing crops. But when the water rises, as it often does, it is devastating for the families who can’t afford to live anywhere except the floodplains.  

Families like Rajendra’s. 

Floods frequently wash away their wheat and rice fields and drown their livestock. Afterward, hunger and illness loom.  

Because your love, Rajendra and his family are not facing these hardships alone. 

For them, your love is an early warning system that alerts their village to evacuate before the floodwaters rise. Your love is learning new farming techniques — like growing food on rooftops or in hanging baskets — so their vital crops don’t wash away.  

Your love gives them a brighter future. A future where they can live and thrive in their home, despite the uncertainty of the water. And that doesn’t wash away.  

Emily Esworthy, Dec 1, 2023 email