Families in crisis need your help

    Come to me, all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
    — Matthew 11:28 (NRSV)

    It’s been a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. “Life has been divided into before and after the 24th of February,” says Ukrainian mother of three, Kristina. Families have been torn apart as they’ve been forced to flee their homes. 

    Millions of Ukrainian men are still fighting for their country. Fighting for home. 

    You’ve seen the harrowing headlines about the war. But as the weeks and months pass, and the war rages on, the suffering it’s causing is being replaced by other front-page news. Yet our neighbors continue to suffer.

    You haven’t forgotten them. While others try to put the crisis out of their minds, you continue to reach out and share your love and your blessings. 

    Thank you for being such a kind and compassionate person. Because winter is showing no mercy to Ukrainians who are barely hanging on. And they desperately need your love.


    Share your love with neighbors in need

    Right now, your gift will provide critical necessities to Ukrainians and other families who are struggling to survive life-threatening situations around the world. 

    You’ll shine Christ’s light and love into the hearts of Ukrainian neighbors, like Kristina, whose lives have been turned upside down. 

    Kristina spent two weeks in the basement of a school with her children and other mothers and children. They were too frightened to go outside. 

    She noticed many children getting sick from the cold and damp conditions. She knew she had to get out. Yet, her daughter was too scared to leave the basement.  

    Kristina knew why. She recounted one terrifying day: “I took her out into the street. At that moment there was booming and very intense shooting. Something flew across the sky. It was very scary. My daughter started to howl. Just like dogs do. It was such an inhumane howl. She was so scared.” 

    Imagine how hopeless Kristina felt — as a mother of three young children — knowing she couldn’t stay. But also knowing her children were terrified to leave. 

    The skies that had once greeted them with the morning sun were now filled with exploding bombs and smoke. 

    Thankfully, because of you and other caring, generous donors, Kristina and her children found a safe, warm place to rest their heads and warm meals to eat when they escaped the violence at home. 

    You are a beacon of hope

    Your love will reach your neighbors who feel so alone as they continue to fight for their lives. 

    You’ll provide frightened, cold and hungry children, mothers and seniors with: 

    • Shelter from the deadly cold with beds, pillows and heaters.
    • Warm meals and clean water.
    • Mobile medical clinics that provide health care, critically needed medical supplies and mental health support for PTSD and trauma.
    • Essential supplies, like soap and toilet paper.
    • Comforting quilts made by members of our caring Lutheran family.
    • Love, support — and most importantly — hope for a brighter tomorrow.


    Tamara comforted a Ukrainian woman during a recent visit — assuring her that we will be there for the long haul.

    Tamara Demuria, our Chief Humanitarian Officer, is on the front lines in Ukraine, delivering your love and support to women, children and seniors. 

    She relayed this firsthand report from a recent trip: 

    Ukrainian seniors kept approaching me looking for food. They were carrying around plastic bags containing empty jars in hopes of filling them with any scraps of nourishment they could find. 

    It’s heartbreaking. Yet, despite their struggle, they feel your love and are so grateful for your generous heart. And there is still so much work we have to do here — together. 

    Mikylina Valentyna, a 77-year-old Ukrainian grandmother felt alone and abandoned until your love reached her. Mikylina was able to find sanctuary in one of six temporary housing centers that Lutheran World Relief is supporting along with local partners. That’s only possible because of your generosity. 

    With your help, more than 15,000 Ukrainians who’ve been forced to flee heavy fighting have received 80,000 nights of safe shelter and warm meals to eat.  

    Let them know you’ll be there for the long haul

    With your continued support, you’ll help provide more children, mothers and seniors, like Mikylina, with safe, warm shelter. Winter in Ukraine is brutal — and can kill. Temperatures are predicted to drop as low as –20 degrees Celsius in some regions. 

    As the headlines begin to fade away after a year of this terrible war, the pain being felt by our Ukrainian neighbors persists — and the suffering becomes worse. 

    Together, with you by our side, we will stay in Ukraine, delivering all the supplies and care we can — long after the news crews have left. That’s what we do! 

    We can only continue sending lifesaving aid to our struggling neighbors around the world with your unwavering support. 

    Please find it in your heart to share your love and bring relief, comfort and essential supplies to your neighbors with the very least who are fighting for their lives in so many regions of the world. 

    God bless you for remaining so dedicated to helping God’s children who are suffering.  

    Your love lifts them up and eases their burdens. Thank you.