Blessing Adijo, 21, tragically lost her firstborn baby during the birth. Although her newborn couldn't be saved, a trained health worker was able to save Blessing's life.

Easter reminds us of Christ’s infinite love

    Easter reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. His death for our salvation is the purest definition of loving thy neighbor.

    His example is at the core of the work we do, together, to try and shine the renewed love and light we receive from Christ into the hearts of our neighbors in great need.

    Neighbors like Blessing Adijo.

    Blessing was so excited for her little one to be born! She often found herself smiling and daydreaming about what life would be like when her baby arrived and was finally placed in her arms. 

    She was also a little nervous. As the baby inside her grew, so did her range of emotions as a first-time mommy-to-be.

    Baby in distress

    One day, Blessing began feeling some cramping and pain. She assumed she’d worked a little too hard and didn’t realize the discomfort she was experiencing was actually labor.

    When her water broke, she rushed to get help from a local birth attendant. Yet, by the time she reached a health center, her baby was in distress. 

    Aber Immaculate Alexa, a midwife, administered medication and began helping Blessing through the birth. Nearly an hour later, Blessing delivered her baby. The tiny newborn was breathing but had a weak heartbeat.

    The health care workers immediately took lifesaving measures. Tragically, Blessing’s beautiful baby died. A tiny soul lost.

    Shortly after, Aber noticed Blessing wasn’t doing well either and had developed a life-threatening hemorrhage during delivery! Thankfully, Aber and the trained professionals at the health center were able to stop the bleeding and save Blessing’s life. 

    Health workers stand in a line

    Aber Immaculate Alex stands with other trained health care workers.

    Share your caring heart with neighbors in need

    Your loving gift answers Christ’s calling to all of us this Easter season to love every neighbor. And you will help save lives by arming health centers with urgently needed medicine, trainings and equipment.


    As if the loss of her baby and her hemorrhage weren’t enough, Blessing also suffered a severe case of sepsis.

    Fortunately, Blessing was still under Aber’s care. She and other trained health care workers jumped into action to save Blessing’s life for the second time in two days.  

    Blessing’s tragedy reminds us of our calling during the Easter season. After times of great struggle and sacrifice, we seek new life through our risen Lord.

    Blessing suffered every mother’s worst nightmare. The loss of the precious baby she had carried for 9 months. 

    You can deliver hope this Easter

    Yet, Blessing has not given up hope. Knowing so much more now about the signs and symptoms of labor and delivery from Aber and the team at the health care center, Blessing has plans to “try for another baby soon.”

    She is so grateful to have access to quality health care, thanks to loving neighbors, like you.

    Your generous support and the caring hearts of neighbors like you all over the country provided for the medical attention Blessing needed to overcome a serious hemorrhage and life-threatening sepsis infection.

    The health center also shared informational resources so that Blessing can better understand the signs of labor and fetal distress. 

    By giving today, you can change the lives of new mothers — helping to ensure that fewer will have to go home without their newborns. 

    This Easter, you can deliver hope to mothers and babies who need your love and support — and Christ’s light shining brightly in their lives.

    Thank you for sharing your caring heart this holy season.