Homes in western Nepal crumbled during a deadly earthquake Nov. 3 and an aftershock three days later. You are helping survivors who lost everything in the quake.

Earthquakes in Nepal: How you’re helping right now

  • Niki Clark
  • Nov 10, 2023

Even before news of the recent earthquakes in Nepal hit the news in the U.S., your compassion was there — reaching those most in need.

While the situation is still evolving, your continued support allowed for immediate and urgent action. We have begun distributing winterization items such as tarps and blankets, as well as water jars and mattresses for at least 400 families in both Jajarkot and Rukum West Districts. We also are providing bamboo to enable people to create makeshift shelters out of the tarps.

We are working with local partners to assess ongoing needs of the families impacted by the 6.4-magnitude earthquake on Nov. 3 that resulted in more than 150 lives lost and thousands of homes destroyed.

Since 2009, your love has been present in Nepal, meaning we are uniquely positioned to reach families in need and had prepositioned supplies in place. Mobilized teams are already seeking to support hard-to-reach communities.

While priorities include identifying the most critical needs and vulnerable populations, we know from initial reports and from our history of working in this region that warm clothes, blankets, food, and psychosocial counseling will be essential.

In the nearly 15 years your support has been on the ground in Nepal, it has helped communities with programs in agriculture and food security, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and humanitarian assistance. When the 2015 earthquake decimated entire regions of the country, we were one of the first to respond to the crisis, reaching the immediate and later long-term needs of more than 66,200 people.

For three years following those earthquakes, your support helped people get back on their feet. You helped address vulnerabilities and prepared families to be more resilient in the face of future disasters.

Thank you for always being there for our neighbors in need. No matter how far, your love is there.


*The situation is Nepal is evolving and we will continue to share with you how your giving hearts are assisting those in need.

Niki Clark, Nov 10, 2023 email