Children, like Vanessa, are battling severe hunger right now.

2023 Hunger Challenge: Send your love to hungry babies and families 

Now more than ever, the devastating war in Ukraine is causing severe food shortages around the world, causing widespread hunger and pushing people to the brink of starvation in places like Tanzania. Children are suffering, and even though the need is tremendous, thankfully, your love is there to help.

Almost every time we meet a vulnerable neighbor, like Agata Nicolaus, they express how deeply grateful they are for support from loving, caring friends like you.

Agata prays for the health of her family. She’s a devoted mother who wants her children to grow up healthy and strong. She's very proud of 6-year-old Evans and their 4-year-old twins, Lillian and Rachael.

After the twins, Agata and her husband, Oscar, planned to add one more child to their family — and they were thrilled when Agata became pregnant. But to discover she was carrying triplets was a bit of a shock. Believing that God never gives us more than we're able to handle, they considered themselves triple blessed to welcome babies Vanessa, Vainess and Edson, each of whom weighed just over 4 pounds.


Providing for six children isn’t easy. Agata worries all the time that she doesn’t have enough food for her children: "I try my best to do what I can, but I can see them not growing well." She spends her days at home caring for the children and tending to the household chores by herself, including laundry, cooking and cleaning. 

Six-year-old Evans helps as much as he can after he walks the two hours home from school. He tends to and plays with the triplets while Agata does laundry or prepares meals. He also fetches water and firewood for her. Evans often says to Agata, "Mommy, I want to grow big to help you." 

Oscar is a hardworking farmer. He’s always been able to grow enough food on their small farm to feed his family. But to pay the hospital bills to ensure a safe birth for Agata and the triplets, Oscar had no choice but to sell most of the family's food supply.  

So this has been an especially difficult year for them. Agata focuses on loving and providing for her children every day. But she’s battling hunger herself. And without enough food to eat, she simply can’t produce enough milk for the babies. 

"If I’m breastfeeding one, I must stop him so that the other can also breastfeed," Agata somberly shared. "There is not enough."   

You can help

The impact of your love at work

When Agata runs out of milk, energy and hope … your love, compassion and generosity shine Christ's light and love into her life and ease her burdens. 

Because of loving friends of faith, like you, who are willing to share your blessings with your neighbors with the very least, families like Agata and Oscar's will be able to help their precious children grow healthy and strong. You answer the prayers of mothers in so many hard-to-reach regions of the world — providing hope for their families' futures.

Thank you for being God's hands and feet on Earth. Please continue sharing your love with your neighbors who are suffering from hunger.