Your love and partnership will help children like Luciana and her grandparents who lives in a remote region of the Andes mountains in Peru. 

Your partnership in 2023 can be the difference between life and death for children and families

  • Niki Clark
  • Dec 14, 2022

The new year always brings with it a period of reflection. It serves as a time to contemplate on God’s all-encompassing love and blessings, and how to better share what we have so abundantly received with others, especially with those in need.

Now more than ever, with the devastating war in Ukraine, severe hunger throughout Peru and floods and famine threatening South Sudan, that need is tremendous. Our most vulnerable neighbors face multiple crises and depend on your lifesaving love and partnership — especially this year.

Your kindness ensures that God’s children with the very least do not feel alone and forgotten, but know they are loved — because kind people like you care.

Luciana faced hunger and malnutrition until your love reached her.

Luciana is one of these neighbors. A little girl in a Peruvian village, Luciana used to go to bed every night with an empty stomach. Her village desperately needed nutritious vegetables and sources of protein to save her from hunger, malnutrition and anemia. Because of donors like you, Luciana and her family are now thriving but there are still so many girls and boys like her that need your love and kindness for a healthy future.

Nafy David and her family had to flee rising floodwaters in South Sudan.

Nafy David is another neighbor who is depending on your generosity and partnership. Nafy and her children were forced to flee their home in South Sudan to escape devastating floodwaters. Nafy knew if she stayed, her “children would become sick with disease.” Your loving gift will provide them with safe shelter and protect them from waterborne illnesses, like cholera.

Kristina fled her hometown in Ukraine with her 3 children. Your generosity provided urgent cash assistance.

And we can’t forget our Ukrainian neighbors, who nearly a year after the start of the war still face a relentless tragedy that’s ravaging their precious homeland. Millions of Ukrainians are without food, water, shelter, clothing, medical care and the healing comforts of home. Your gift will deliver food, safe shelter and most importantly, hope.

Your generosity lifts up those in crisis

Will you find it in your heart to send a gift today? Your generosity helps spread Christ’s love by lifting up those most in need during their times of greatest adversity.

You’ll help deliver food to feed the hungry. You’ll provide water that’s safe to drink and can be used to grow crops that will provide displaced families and entire communities with a steady source of food and household income.

Your love and partnership can be the difference between life and death for children and families.



Niki Clark, Dec 14, 2022 email