You can give a future to a child in Peru without one

High in the Andes Mountains, harsh weather and limited job options leave families like 8-year-old Nayeli's in dire poverty. Her parents work tirelessly but struggle to earn enough to consistently provide their children with nutritious food to eat.

Finding the right seeds and mastering the skills to grow vegetables in the devastatingly harsh climate feels impossible. And it's difficult to get to the market for vegetables and meat since most of the roads in the rocky terrain are narrow and treacherous.

It's the children who suffer the most.

With little food and almost no protein available, children like Nayeli are in grave danger of severe malnourishment, leaving them vulnerable to disease, frequently sick, and potentially, physically scarred for life.

You have the power to change a child’s life — and future

Nayeli's fate isn't written in stone. It's in the power of your hands. You can save God's children from the horrific impacts of malnutrition. And ensure children like Nayeli have the future they deserve.

When you share your blessings today, you'll help families overcome the challenges of living in the harsh mountain climate and learn new farming techniques so they can make a living from their land.

Your generosity will teach farmers how to create mud-walled greenhouses so they can more easily grow vegetables — especially nutrient-rich potatoes.

You'll also provide hens, chicks and other farm animals so families can add nutritious meat, eggs and dairy to their diets.

A future free of hunger, and filled with opportunity

Through your loving support today, families will be able to feed their children a variety of nutritious meats and vegetables … giving girls and boys the nutritional strength they need for a healthy start in life.

For children like Nayeli, when your generosity reaches their families, they'll have a more promising future without the ache of hunger.