LWR’s Emergency Relief Fund channels your love into action, and for our vulnerable neighbors, this love will do a world of good.

When families are torn apart by disaster, your love can do a world of good

  • Niki Clark
  • Oct 19, 2022

A young mother gathers her children and her courage in a harrowing escape from Ukraine while the sound of gunfire echoes through their neighborhood.

A 92-year-old grandmother prays for life as her home collapses around her during an earthquake in Haiti.

A father in Burkina Faso desperately tries to comfort his tiny daughter who is crying from the pain of hunger.

These are God’s children. Your neighbors. And they urgently need your love and support when a war, an earthquake, a drought or another crisis strikes.

Channel your love into immediate action by donating now

LWR’s Emergency Relief Fund channels your love into action, and for our vulnerable neighbors, this love will do a world of good. With your help, we’ll be prepared to deliver desperately needed supplies like food, water and temporary shelter to families who urgently need them in times of crisis. It will make the lifesaving difference for your most vulnerable neighbors when their lives are suddenly turned upside down — leaving them without even the basic necessities.

And, because of you, we’re able to remain behind — long after news crews have left the scene — to make sure families can recover and become self-sufficient.

Your generosity walks alongside our neighbors in crisis

In Ukraine and Poland, your compassion will walk alongside mothers and children who face an uncertain future after fleeing their bombed-out homes. And your gift will deliver emergency supplies that lift them up and give them hope.

In Haiti, your love and generosity will give families food, water and shelter as they rebuild their lives and create better futures for their children.

In Burkina Faso, where severe drought — and the devastating ripple effects of the war in Ukraine — has caused widespread, life-threatening food shortages, your heartfelt emergency gift will provide urgently needed food and water.

The World of Good Emergency Response Fund was established to ensure your love and support can be put to immediate use on the front lines — providing emergency food, water, shelter and more — wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

But we cannot have these crucial resources on hand without you. Please share your love and blessings today by sending your best emergency gift now. Do a world of good for our brothers and sisters around the world.

Together, we won’t stop until your love reaches every neighbor.


Niki Clark, Oct 19, 2022 email