Sara Sanchez and her daughter attended a Lutheran World Relief COVID prevention kit distribution co-sponsored by ChildFund at a private shelter in Ilama near Santa Barbara, Honduras. They are among the thousands of families struggling to recover after hurricanes Eta and Iota struck within two weeks of each other in November.

Only a flood of love can rebuild their lives after back-to-back hurricanes

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Apr 12, 2021

Nadia and her mother Luisa were living under a tarp along the roadside when Hurricane Iota made landfall in November 2020.

The little girl clung to her mother as the howling winds and driving rain pummeled their makeshift shelter, soaking them to the bone. Just two weeks earlier, Hurricane Eta had destroyed their home, and they had no time to recover before another deadly storm began ruthlessly battering them. Luisa wondered how life could possibly get any harder. And then she held Nadia tighter and prayed they wouldn’t have to find out.

Even before the hurricanes, half of all families living in the low-lying areas near San Pedro Sula, Honduras — one of the poorest places in the world — didn’t know where their next meal was coming from. Luisa hasn't been able to find work since the pandemic began. The back-to-back storms, coming on the heels of a massive outbreak of COVID-19, made an already desperate situation worse. Now many families have absolutely nothing left — no home, no belongings, no income and no hope.

How will Luisa and Nadia survive? What will they eat? Where will they live? How can they protect themselves from COVID-19 and other diseases that spread quickly in the wake of major storms?

What Luisa and Nadia need today is love, and you can help. With your gift, you can share love with these neighbors in the form of food, water, safe temporary shelter, tools and building supplies. Your generosity will also walk alongside these families in the years to come, as they rebuild homes and restore crops and livelihoods. Your gift will also help in our urgent efforts to get COVID-19 vaccines into the arms of people who are at high risk in countries like Honduras.

By reaching out in love, your generosity can be the difference between life and death for people like Nadia and Luisa.

Until your love reaches every neighbor.

Emily Esworthy, Apr 12, 2021 email