Two children hold chicks.

Gatchak and his sister Nykhan, ages 6 and 5, hold chicks they are helping to raise with their family in Mogok, South Sudan, as part of a program with Lutheran World Relief. You can provide hens and chicks to other families like theirs by placing your order at Photo by Paul Jeffrey for LWR

Gifts of Love: How hens and chicks help

Hens and chicks are one of the most popular gifts in the Gifts of Love catalog, but how do they help?

Displaced families in Mogok, South Sudan face poverty and hunger

In the Mogok refugee camp in South Sudan, your gift of hens and chicks help families displaced by disaster and violence quickly start and maintain a source of income to support themselves.

The families living in the camp have endured decades of violence, displacement and, more recently, floods that forced them to start over, yet again, in a new place.

Displaced families and refugees often have to leave their homes and livelihoods with little but the clothes on their backs. Strangers in a new place, they have few resources to feed themselves and many families simply go hungry.

That's where your love steps in.

A gift of hens and chicks provides a source of income – and hope – for displaced families in places like South Sudan

Fueled by your caring support, Lutheran World Relief started an agricultural project in Mogok in 2019 to help displaced families rebuild their lives. Along with the provision of livestock, your love also provided the opportunity for families to form savings groups where members could borrow to start businesses in one of three areas: farming, fishing and poultry, in the form of your gift of hens and chicks.

In addition to providing a quick-generating source of income, hens also provide a lasting source of nourishing eggs.

With the double benefit of food and income generation, hens and chicks are a great investment in sustainability and independence for neighbors in need all around the world.

Give a gift of hens and chicks from the Gifts of Love catalog

This Christmas, your love can reach neighbors around the world who have been displaced or are struggling with poverty and hunger. Especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic, your caring gift can be lifesaving.

Visit to place your order for hens and chicks and other life-changing gifts!

We'll help you send a free, personalized e-card to your loved one, then we'll put your Gift of Love to work right away helping families lift themselves out of poverty.

Until your love reaches every neighbor.