Edani Kangahane (30, left) and her children, in Burkina Faso, walk with goats she received and bred. Photo by Jake Lyell for Lutheran World Relief

Gifts of Love: The goodness of a goat

Goats are one of the most popular gifts in the Gifts of Love catalog, but how do they help?

In Burkina Faso, goats protect families from hunger

Located in the Sahel region of West Africa, Burkina Faso is prone to prolonged periods of drought and unstable rains. When rain falls on cracked dry earth, it can cause flooding, which does even more damage to homes, farms and crops.

Put together, these factors mean far too many families live with the threat of hunger every, single day. But here’s how your love – and your gift of goats – can help.

Goats are a gift that lasts…and multiplies!

Goats are hardy animals. They can survive in parts of the world where other animals cannot, including in arid conditions like those in Burkina Faso. The animals are easy to care for and to breed. In addition to nutritious milk and cheese, goats also provide rich manure families can use to fertilize their crops.

But there's another very powerful way your gift of goats helps raise families out of poverty.

In Burkina Faso, your love enables a traditional method of livestock sharing called habbanaye. The concept is simple, yet life changing.

A family receives two animals – a male and a female – to care for. When those animals reproduce, the family keeps the kids and passes the adult goats on to another family. That means from the gift of just two goats, your love can reach an entire community in need!

Give the gift of Goats from the Gifts of Love catalog

This Christmas, your love can reach neighbors in Burkina Faso and beyond through the gift of a goat (or two!) from the Gifts of Love catalog.

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Until your love reaches every neighbor.