As Faithful Neighbors, Harmons rest well knowing they help

  • Matt Hackworth
  • Jan 11, 2021

Even through the processes of retiring, moving across states to be closer to their grandchildren, downsizing and now a pandemic, Ron and Liz Harmon's support with Lutheran World Relief has remained steadfast.

"We convinced the church council our quilting group was essential because none of us had space to quilt in our homes," Liz says, a long-time sewer of Lutheran World Relief quilts. "You have to have space to lay out a 60 by 80-(inch) quilt, and we promised we would be good and wear masks and stay 6 feet apart, and they said OK. Everyone has been healthy."

The health and welfare of others is clearly a priority for the Harmons.

"I think about it sometimes, that what I have is just taken for granted," Ron says. "It's not universal."

The couple retired to Pennsylvania from Ohio, where they were introduced to Lutheran World Relief through kit assembly projects at their church. And while a move to be closer to their grandchildren while downsizing required a lot of adaptation and change, their ability to impact the world remained the same thanks to their automatic, monthly giving to Lutheran World Relief since 2004.

The Faithful Neighbor program offers the couple and others a chance to provide regular, consistent support to people in need around the world.

"I go to sleep every night knowing that each month we are doing something that, at least in our opinion, we're helping people who need help," Ron says.

The couple looks forward to their congregation's annual quilt blessing, where they are mindful of sending their love to neighbors in need around the world. They say their commitment echoes Lutheran World Relief's commitment to communities in need, and they say a new goal is to help their congregation prayerfully study the root issues of what keeps people in need while supporting Lutheran World Relief's work to address them.

"It's one of the orgs that stays at a disaster long after the television cameras have left," Ron says. "We have the financial wherewithal where we can donate, and it's one of the charities we support."

Become a Faithful Neighbor through monthly giving

Your monthly gift of $29 or more ensures your love is there for families when they need it most. Your love will reach further, stay longer and help sustain families in need all year long. Sign up to become a Faithful Neighbor at

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