Every child deserves clean drinking water. Your gift today DOUBLES to save kids.

  • Matt Hackworth
  • May 13, 2021

For Schoolmaster Emmanuel Kasereka Sikuli, the girls and boys who come to l'Ecole Primaire de Butembo Cité each day are like his own. He celebrates with them when they learn and grow, and he grieves with them when they are sick.

When the children are ill, they miss out on school and important lessons. They miss their friends and all the joy every child deserves.

All because they don't have clean, safe water to drink.

Right now, you have a chance to have double the impact in bringing clean water and other critically needed aid to children and families in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other forsaken places on earth.

Every child deserves safe drinking water

The Butembo school in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of many that lack access to safe drinking water. That means most of the children don't have access to clean water either at school or at home.  

At school, Emmanuel says students are forced to leave the school grounds and cross two busy streets to a safe public water source. To avoid missing class, sometimes the students use whatever water they can find at the school to wash their hands or grab a quick drink.  

As a result, they get frequent stomach aches, chronic diarrhea and other ailments that come with drinking contaminated water. This leads to chronic illnesses and puts students and teachers alike at risk of infection from deadly parasites, Ebola and COVID-19. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

A man in a green shirt looks at the camera. His name is Emmanuel Kasereka Sikuli, and he is a school headmaster in Butembo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Emmanuel Kasereka Sikuli helped children in his school to be trained in health care and the prevention and control of infection.

Give the gift of clean water — and double your impact 

Your kindness can show Emmanuel that he isn't alone in wanting "his" children to be happy and healthy. To learn and to grow.  

From now until June 30, your lifesaving gift will DOUBLE until the $175,000 Summer Matching Gift Challenge is met. Gifts received after the match is met will be used, as always, to do God's work and ensure that your love reaches your most vulnerable neighbors worldwide. 

Your caring gift can provide children in eastern Congo and other forsaken places with clean, safe water that will keep them from being sick and even dying.

Help us reach as many children as possible with clean, safe water

This matching gift opportunity is expiring soon, so please share your love generously today — so that as many children as possible have hope for brighter, healthier futures! 

Until your love reaches every neighbor.


Matt Hackworth, May 13, 2021 email