A woman, wearing a face covering, holds a young child, who is holding a bag. They are sitting next to a bag of necessities.

COVID EMERGENCY: A year into the pandemic, we need your help to meet staggering needs

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Apr 1, 2021

More than a year after the start of the pandemic, the needs around the world are still overwhelming, and our resources to respond are quickly depleting.

Thanks to your previous support, our worldwide efforts have never slowed, and our field teams are doing all they can. Still, so many of our poorest neighbors are struggling to keep their families safe — not just from the virus, but also from the additional strains brought on by the pandemic.

COVID-19 is one of many dangers families are facing

There are still shortages of basic protections like masks and clean water. Economies and health systems that were already weak and under-resourced are further strained. With markets still closed, many cannot work to put food on their families' tables. In other words, the pandemic is pushing poor families deeper into poverty.

And while there will soon be enough vaccine available for everyone here in the U.S., our neighbors in the poorest countries are in grave danger of being left behind.

Please rush help to our neighbors in need

Our COVID-19 response team will rush your gift where it's needed most, to help:

  • Provide masks, emergency food and other essentials through COVID-19 Defense Kits.
  • Install handwashing stations and water tanks so people can access clean water.
  • Reach community health workers, local faith leaders and Christian health networks with the training and information they need to let neighbors know when the vaccine is available and why it is important.
  • Equip clinics and frontline health workers so they can store and distribute vaccines.
  • Ensure our most vulnerable neighbors have access to a vaccine — including refugees, who often need support the most but are the hardest to reach.

Please give now to help families struggling to survive the challenges of the pandemic — and ensure everyone has the chance to be vaccinated.

Please don't hesitate. Our neighbors who need the most help are in danger of being left behind. We can't reach them without you.

Emily Esworthy, Apr 1, 2021 email