Mount Nyiragongo's eruption May 22, 2021, forced more than 400,000 to evacuate throughout Eastern Congo. Photo by Jean Claude Nazy/Corus International

After volcanic eruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo, your love does a world of good

  • Matt Hackworth
  • Jun 8, 2021

Mount Nyiragongo stands over the city of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, like a watchful beast — a beast that came alive May 22 in a vicious snarl of lava and ash.  

The eruption forced more than 400,000 people from their homes, killing 32 and pushing families into disarray in one of the most dangerous cities on earth.

Smoke from a volcano can be seen in a reddish sky.

Mount Nyiragongo's eruption May 22, 2020 killed dozens and forced more than 400,000 from home. Photo by Joseph Ciza/Corus

Yet your love was there, right when it was needed most.

When you give to our World of Good Emergency Fund, your love quickly reaches neighbors wherever need arises. For the communities surrounding Mount Nyiragongo, that meant that even as the threat of more eruptions loomed, you were already providing shelter at health facilities, emergency food, water and other essentials. 

Our colleagues and their families, thankfully, are safe. As lava flowed down from Nyiragongo’s 11,000-foot peak towards Goma’s 2 million residents, our team on the ground was able to respond immediately, working with local authorities to bring resources where they were needed most. Your support shifted medicines and supplies to critical points of need, a caring hand in response to the many coughs and widespread thirst as ash filled the air.  

People are starting to return to Goma. As families make their way back, health officials are particularly concerned about the increased needs for acute and chronic care for a population that have largely been on the move without shelter, adequate nutrition and hygiene...who will return to conditions of inadequate resources and the inability to rebuild for months.

A wave of cooled lava sits on top of damaged structures.

A wave of lava cools after it destroyed a house in Nyiragongo.

Thank you for loving your neighbors in need

Eastern DRC is where your love reaches some of the most vulnerable neighbors on earth. The threats of Ebola and COVID-19 add to the risks that include the volcano, civil war, widespread violence and chronic hunger. 

Your generous and helpful support of the World of Good campaign shone through like a light, so bright not even a volcano's cloud of ash could stop it. Your caring compassion remained when others offering help did not. Eastern Congo is home to hard-working and honest families like yours who want everything each of us wants for our families: safety, security and hope for a better tomorrow.   

Thank you for your kindness toward neighbors in need. 


Matt Hackworth, Jun 8, 2021 email