Advent prayer series: Pray with us for families coping with COVID-19 amidst poverty

    Around the world, our neighbors in the most forsaken communities are suffering. Each week in Advent, join us to learn more about the urgent needs of our neighbors around the world, and how you can reach out to love and care for them. God bless you and yours this Advent season.

    Last spring, as the U.S. accelerated its efforts to vaccinate citizens and many believed we might be turning a corner on the pandemic, something terrible happened. The new, highly transmissible Delta variant swept through parts of Nepal, driving up cases and deaths in a region where so many families already struggle.

    COVID-19 hit our neighbors in India and Nepal hard

    With the power of your love fueling our efforts, Lutheran World Relief has been working in Nepal since 2009 helping families who struggle with poverty and hunger, made worse by the occurrence of frequent disasters. Your love has provided training to improve the quality and yield of crops so that, in some cases, families have been able to double, and even triple, their income. You've also helped communities protect themselves by helping them become more coordinated and equipped to both prepare for and respond to natural disaster.

    But the pandemic hit rural villages hard – and the Delta variant hit even harder. In such tight-knit communities, transmission is an ever-present threat but here, again, your love stepped in. Thanks to you, our staff have worked with communities and families to ensure access to proper handwashing facilities, face masks and other supplies, as well as learning the importance of social distancing.

    In a region where to not work means to not eat, your love has been nothing short of lifesaving.

    For many communities, the threat from COVID-19 is far from over

    Here in the U.S., we have been blessed to have access to COVID-19 vaccines and therapies that are not yet available to our brothers and sisters in Nepal and so many other places.

    Rest assured that as efforts to end the pandemic push forward, your love is with our neighbors in need in so many ways. Your quilts and kits are reaching communities whose livelihoods have been brought to a halt. Your generous gifts have helped farmers continue producing so that they can feed and support their families.

    But for these communities, the effects of the pandemic will likely continue for years to come.

    Pray with us for families affected by disasters and climate change

    As we await the birth of Christ, who brings hope to a broken world, let us pray for communities in places like Nepal, where the threat of COVID-19 is far from over. Especially now, in the midst of a global pandemic, our neighbors need our love, care, prayer and help.

    God of Silence and Praise, be with us. We know what it feels like to be in darkness and we know, too, how your hope brings us healing. In the moments of fear and loss, keep our hearts turned to you so that we can sing a song of praise. Open our eyes to your goodness and mercy so that we may always walk in the way of peace. We pray all this in the name of Jesus, the One whose dawn breaks upon us. Amen.

    Reach out with love and care to neighbors in need

    In the world's most forsaken communities, our neighbors in need are suffering amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Your love can reach families in need to:

    • Provide handwashing facilities, training and other interventions so that families can keep themselves safe
    • Continue working with communities to protect themselves from the effects of disaster while staying safe during the pandemic
    • Give families the tools they need to earn income and provide food, education and more

    Your love can be their shield in these dangerous times. Give a Christmas gift to neighbors in need and share your blessings with families with the very least.