When she had cervical cancer, your LWR quilt wrapped her in love

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Mar 20, 2020

Juliana Malkia is far from home. She has no friends or family nearby to support her as she undergoes treatment for cervical cancer, but what she does have is your love, wrapped around her shoulders.

In January 2020, we had the opportunity to hand deliver an LWR quilt and personal care kit to her hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania, where she receives cancer treatment.  

She told us that her home in Shirati, Tanzania, is five hours away. Even at home she has no family to support her, but she says she does have a neighbor who looks out for her.  

It was this neighbor who encouraged Malkia to visit the local health center for cervical cancer screening. After she tested positive for cancer, it was her neighbor who helped facilitate her treatment at the hospital almost 200 miles away. When Malkia’s treatment finally ends, her neighbor will be the one waiting to celebrate with her.  

Who is your neighbor? 

When we gave Malkia her quilt of love and told her she could take it home after she is discharged from the hospital, she was overcome with gratitude. She immediately started thanking God for the blessing and praying for those who blessed her with these gifts — for you, our Quilters and Kit Makers.  

She said her heart was filled with joy, and she was convinced God was going to cure her because she felt the love of a neighbor wrapped around her shoulders, comforting her when she was sick, scared and alone.  

This is our calling: to spread your love — God’s love — to every neighbor in need in the world.

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Emily Esworthy, Mar 20, 2020 email