On National Quilting Day, help us give thanks!

National Quilting Day is Saturday, March 21. We have much to celebrate, but we also want to heed the precautions of our local, state and national officials to stay safe and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

That’s why we need your help.

While we may not be able to gather on National Quilting Day, but we still want to make a joyful noise in thanks for the gift of LWR Mission Quilts and for the work of the men, women, and youth who assemble them!

That’s why on Saturday, March 21, we are asking YOU to help us lift up the LWR Quilting Ministry online and give thanks.

Here’s how you can take part.

If you are a quilter/involved in an LWR quilting ministry

Share snaps of your quilts, along with the name of your congregation or group. You can share by posting photos to Facebook or Instagram and tagging @luthworldrelief OR by emailing @email. We’ll be sharing your pictures on social media all day long!

If you don’t make quilts, but appreciate those who do

Snap a selfie expressing your gratitude for LWR Mission Quilts and the people who make them. Here’s an easy way to do it.

  1. Make a sign expressing your gratitude for LWR Quilters (or you can download a sign to give thanks for LWR Mission Quilts or LWR Quilters below).
  2. Snap a photo of yourself holding the sign.
  3. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @luthworldrelief. We will be sharing your pictures and giving thanks all day long!
  4. Extra credit: Make an Instagram story expressing your gratitude for LWR Quilters and tag @luthworldrelief. We’ll share it on our story!

After National Quilting Day, we’ll make the collection of photos available on our website to share with your quilting group so they know just how much their work makes a difference.

Congregation Resources

National Quilting Day 2020 Sign 1

Download Now Mar 20, 2020
Congregation Resources

National Quilting Day 2020 Sign 2

Download Now Mar 20, 2020

Thank you!

National Quilting Day 2020 falls during a time when we are concerned about many things. The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has put us all on heightened alert.

Please know that we are praying for you all: for your families, your congregations, and your quilting ministries. We look forward to the time when we can joyfully gather together in service to our global neighbors in need. Until then, we continue to give thanks for all you do. (And continue to do as we receive word from quilters working from home!)

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