Lutheran World Relief has a new logo!

For 75 years, you and your parents and grandparents — making up such a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) — have been a light in the deepest darkness for those that have the very least. To commemorate 75 years of helping those who have the very least, and to reflect our expanding work around the world, Lutheran World Relief has a dynamic new logo.

Introducing the new Lutheran World Relief logo

The new symbol for Lutheran World Relief is three interlocking rings. The colorful, bright design is inspired by our promise to you that, together, we put our belief in God into action to create lasting, lifesaving impact. 

We share this new symbol with the other change-making organizations in our family: Corus International, IMA World Health, Ground Up Investing and Charlie Goldsmith Associates. Lutheran World Relief joined forces with IMA World Health and founded Corus International. We did this to unleash more partnership, more fellowship and more energy, so, together, we can answer the call to serve more powerfully and effectively.

While our logo may have changed, our roots in Lutheran values have not. Together, we continue to respond to God’s call to be the Body of Christ in the world, reaching further, staying longer, standing faithfully alongside our neighbors in need.

We are deeply grateful for your partnership in this ministry. We will persist until your love reaches every neighbor.