Updates to quilt and kit donations to Lutheran World Relief during COVID-19

How to safely take part in an LWR quilt and kit collection during COVID-19

  • Janel Johnson-Momanyi
  • Jul 29, 2020

Our neighbors in vulnerable communities desperately need the quilts and kits that are overflowing your closets and spare bedrooms. Ingatherings – regional collections of LWR quilts and kits that typically happen during the fall and spring – are a critical part of getting those items where they’re needed most. In June, post-COVID-19 Ingathering pioneers in Texas and New Jersey tested new ways of hosting these critical collections while keeping donors and volunteers healthy.

In San Antonio, Debra Mattke coordinated a socially distanced Ingathering. First, she secured a church with space for more than1,000 boxes, and participants were assigned appointments to avoid overcrowding during drop-off. (Everyone, from volunteers to those dropping off donations, wore masks.) Then, she had an empty trailer dropped off at the church. The next day, LWR paid for professional movers (also wearing masks) to transfer all 1,068 boxes from the church to the trailer, which the trucking company picked up later that afternoon.

In New Jersey, Arlene Cherwien coordinated the collection of quilts and school kits donated by three congregations — Zion Lutheran, Holy Trinity and Redeemer Lutheran — to keep social distancing manageable. LWR’s Janel Johnson-Momanyi (fully recovered!) drove the “LWR Van” to Vineland, N.J., to collect and transport the donations to the LWR warehouse in New Windsor, MD.

What to expect at your next Ingathering

We appreciate your graciousness amid the changes to this year’s Ingatherings, which may include those below.

Additional information specific to your location will be shared via email, so we encourage you to sign up online at lwr.org/ingathering to receive updates.

  • All volunteers and donors will be asked to RSVP before attending. This will help to ensure that deliveries are spaced safely.
  • Anyone — even if they are planning to stay in the car —who is not feeling well, or who has been in recent contact with someone who is ill, should stay home.
  • Some locations will not have volunteers present to help with unloading. Plan to bring a strong friend to help unload your boxes and transfer them to the truck or storage location.
  • Wear a mask at all times while you are at the collection point.
  • Limit contact. Avoid handshakes and hugs and maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals.
  • If volunteers are on hand to unload your boxes, you may be asked to remain in your car.
  • Unfortunately, fellowship events will not be a part of fall Ingatherings this year.

In New Jersey, Arlene Cherwien coordinated the collection of quilts and school kits donated by three congregations — Zion Lutheran, Holy Trinity and Redeemer Lutheran

Need help with your local Ingathering? We are here!

If your 2020 Ingathering is postponed, we can arrange pick-up for your items of quilts and kits.

If you are planning an Ingathering, we can help you create a COVID-safe plan.

Contact us by phone at 800.597.5972 or email LWR Quilt & Kit Ministry Manager Janel Johnson-Momanyi at @email.

Thank you!

Your faithfulness and generosity never ceases to amaze us. During this time, we’ve heard from lots of people who have been able to continue assembling gifts of love throughout this crisis and we want to say THANK YOU!

Your hard work through this crisis ensures that we can keep reaching out, in some of the world’s most vulnerable places, until your love reaches every neighbor.

Janel Johnson-Momanyi, Jul 29, 2020 email