Christivie Mulonda is a 5-year-old survivor of Ebola in Beni, a city in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that was hard hit by the outbreak that began in 2018. Innocent children like Christivie need your love now.

Five-year-old Christivie survived Ebola, but now she faces hunger and COVID-19

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Jul 23, 2020

The largest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo may be over, but Christivie Mulonda will feel its effects for the rest of her life.

The 5-year-old became an orphan during the outbreak, losing her mother and three other members of her family to the deadly virus.

Christivie is alive because of your love. You sent contact tracers down the red clay path that leads to her home, where they discovered the family sick with symptoms of Ebola. Thanks to generous donors like you, these contact tracers had received training on how to act quickly — they sent for an ambulance and transported the family to the treatment center to get help as soon as possible.

By loving your neighbors, you made a strong response to the Ebola outbreak possible. You made sure our team on the ground could respond immediately, work effectively and stay until the end.

Christivie survived Ebola, but her challenges are far from over.

That’s because Christivie still lives in poverty. Though her aunt and uncle took her in, they struggle to feed and support her. So each day, she becomes more and more vulnerable to hunger and illness — like the deadly coronavirus.

As Christians, we have failed Christivie if we save her from Ebola but cannot save her from a lifetime of hunger, poverty and sickness. By reaching out with your gift of love today, you’ll enable Lutheran World Relief to:

  • Deliver emergency food when it’s critically needed and provide families with the knowledge they need to make a living using the resources that are available.
  • Give families the information they need to keep children like Christivie safe from preventable diseases, including malaria, cholera and typhoid… and protect themselves from COVID-19.
  • Provide access to medical care so when children do get sick, they do not have to suffer and die.
  • Ensure children like Christivie — who are living in the most fragile places on earth — get the education and opportunities they need to overcome poverty.

Your love has the power to change the lives of children like Christivie and set a place for them at God’s table of welcome.

Will you show her that her life matters by sending the best lifesaving gift you can today?

Please give generously, so that your love can reach every neighbor — especially innocent children like Christivie — no matter where they were born.


Emily Esworthy, Jul 23, 2020 email