Dust won’t feed her family. Will you? Join our matching gift challenge

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Nov 4, 2020

Regina Mwangangi has been rising early and working late to farm her land and tend her livestock since she was a young girl. But now, at age 67, she sees that her efforts have become futile — the techniques she's used for decades are no longer producing enough food to feed her family.

Regina is a widow, and she uses what little time and income she has to help raise her grandchildren. They live in Kenya, in one of the driest regions of the world, and changing weather patterns have led to a series of increasingly devastating droughts. The once-lush fields where Regina could grow an abundance of vegetables to feed her family have turned to dust. Her goats, cows and chickens are dying without food and water.

Regina worries her young grandchildren will be next.

Your donation can stop hunger

Nobody can predict when the next rains will come. The situation is dire for Regina's family.

But your love can reach neighbors like Regina, providing lifesaving relief that can help them grow food for their families, even when there is very little rain.

When you reach out in love, families in drought-plagued regions can learn new irrigation techniques to capture, conserve and direct limited sources of water to the crops they need to survive. And if there is food leftover after their families are fed, they can sell it at the market so their children can go to school and have access to health care.

Send your love

Please send your love to your neighbors like Regina now, so that your gift can help families in need — delivering hope for a brighter future.

Until your love reaches every neighbor.


Emily Esworthy, Nov 4, 2020 email