Wadamba Dison (52) and his wife Nafuna Oliver (48) grow coffee for Mountain Harvest on their farm in the Mayiyi region of Mt. Elgon, Uganda to support their family.

Coffee farming families are struggling as COVID-19 slows production. Here's how you can help.

The farmers of the Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative Union have come together for years to learn from one another and to support each others’ efforts in growing some of the world’s most delicious coffee.

COVID-19 may have curbed their coffee production, but it hasn’t stopped their cooperation. With the novel coronavirus advancing toward their farms in Uganda’s highlands, the farmers have come together to distribute emergency supplies to those in their community sheltering in place.

It’s one of several examples we’ve seen where the coffee-growing communities we’ve brought together to improve lives and livelihoods have put their networks to new use.

Farmers in Ecuador who once hauled green coffee cherries to market are now distributing personal protective equipment, personal hygiene kits, food and other help. Honduran coffee communities have used an educational farming app we helped to create to remain connected and share information on COVID-19.

Around the world, our farmers are banding together to share resources and information even when their return to farming is uncertain.

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“Coronavirus is arriving in coffee farming communities around the world,” says Rick Peyser, LWR’s coffee and cocoa expert. He explains that mobility restrictions mean it’s harder for coffee workers to reach their jobs and more difficult for coffee growers to get to markets.

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