Blind, hungry and on the brink of disaster – unless your love gets there first

  • Emily Esworthy
  • Sep 14, 2020

Manuel can no longer see, but he can feel the instability in the world around him.

He lives in a rugged region along El Salvador's eastern shore, where earthquakes increasingly rattle his rusted tin home and cause deadly tsunamis that have destroyed entire towns. El Salvador is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, and whenever the earth shakes Manuel fears his village will be the next to collapse into the sea.

On top of that, changing weather patterns mean seasonal rains don't fall on hillside reservoirs anymore. Instead, a drought has plagued the region for over three years, and the lush, verdant gardens Manuel once knew exist only in his memory. The soil is dry and cracked, and any sporadic rains that do occur meet the hardened soil and cause deadly landslides that wash away crops and homes.

Surviving on the edge where disaster and poverty meet 

Manuel feels powerless against these challenges, which strike from above and below. He used to provide for himself and his family as a fisherman, and he enjoyed the shimmer of the sun reflecting off the ocean. But since he lost his sight during an accident at sea, he has been wholly dependent on others to care for him.

And right now — because of coronavirus — this is harder than ever. Market shelves are empty in remote communities like Manuel's. There are shortages, as these hard-to-reach villages are now virtually cut off from the rest of the world.

"This community is like a ghost town," says Manuel's neighbor Jacqueline. "We haven't received any type of help."

Families are running out of food, and there is no outside help other than the love — and gift — you send today.

Your love can reach them when they need it most 

Manuel's world has darkened, and hope feels out of reach. Without your love, he and his neighbors may lose their lives, simply because they were born in a remote location, forgotten by the rest of humanity.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Through Lutheran World Relief, your love reaches across mountains, seas, impassable roads and even pandemics to save lives and change futures. Your gift today can:

  • Deliver emergency food packs, so families won’t have to put their children to bed hungry during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Help men and women prepare for and respond to disasters like landslides, earthquakes or tsunamis.

  • Provide lifesaving equipment like first aid kits, shovels, life jackets, lamps and more.

  • Teach farmers new environmentally friendly techniques that can save family crops, even during droughts or floods.

  • Ensure children growing up in impoverished countries receive the nutrition they need so they don’t face life-long developmental challenges.

In times of fear and struggle, your love helps families survive crisis and find new hope on the other side. Please ensure your love reaches our most vulnerable neighbors in the world's poorest communities and most dangerous places on earth — so all of God's children can live life without constant fear.

Until your love reaches every neighbor.


Emily Esworthy, Sep 14, 2020 email