Para veterinary assistant Boubacar Gado (60, R) was trained under the 12/12 Alliance project to provide basic veterinary care to animals distributed in the Tahoua region of Niger. (Photo by Jake Lyell, for Lutheran World Relief)

Why a sheep-ish economy is good for communities in Niger [VIDEO]

Livestock create several streams of livelihood in region vulnerable to drought and hunger.

Chances are, when you give a piece of livestock like a sheep from the LWR Gifts catalog, you think that animals are distributed to families in need, who use them to start herds that they can rely on for food and income when times get tough. And you'd be right!

But sheep fight poverty in other ways as well. Boubacar Gado (60) from Niger's Tahoua region has made sheep and other animals his livelihood. As a veterinary assistant, he travels throughout villages in his region helping farmers take good care of their livestock. He was trained to do this work through our 12/12 Alliance project that seeks to help families become more resilient to drought, food shortages and hunger.

In this video, Boubacar gives you a glimpse into his work, and just how big of a difference sheep can make for not only a family in need, but entire communities!