War, conflict in East Africa continue to force families to flee for safety. You are responding.

More than 2 million people from South Sudan have fled from their homes in search of safe haven from war, violence and widespread food shortages. And thousands more are being driven out of Ethiopia due to conflict.
You are responding to the needs of these families at their most desperate time.

The Palabek refugee settlement in northern Uganda opened in December 2017 and is home to more than 37,000 South Sudan refugees. Other camps have reached capacity, including the Bidi Bidi camp, which is now the largest in the world with more than 287,000 people.

Amid the rows of tent-like shelters assembled on dry, cracked earth, there is an unexpected and extraordinary scene at Palabek: the beginnings of household gardens.

Lutheran World Relief’s expert staff and partners are teaching people how to prepare the soil and plant and grow vegetables in these challenging conditions. Families will soon be harvesting sweet potatoes, iron-rich beans and other highly nutritious foods that will provide food for the families that grow them or be sold for income. At least individual 1,200 gardens covering 265 total acres will dot the camp.

In addition, you’re providing critical and immediate relief through donations of LWR Mission Quilts and care kits.

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Lutheran World Relief is also preparing to respond to another burgeoning crisis in East Africa. Conflict in Ethiopia is driving thousands of people across the border to neighboring Kenya, where our local staff are currently assessing the situation and determining how we can best respond to the needs of refugees and the host communities.

Thank you for your tremendous support for families suffering around the world. You bring light to dark places with your generosity. You are truly doing a world of good

With your continued support, Lutheran World Relief will reach more families affected by bitter war and conflict.

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