How are LWR Farmers Market Coffee farmers doing amid Nicaragua conflict?

If you've been following LWR Farmers Market Coffee this past year, you've met Gustavo and Jose and Abelino, farmers who, like us, want the best for their families. And by buying their coffee, you help become a part of their success stories.
Their native Nicaragua has been in the throes of violence this year and some of you have asked how the farmers of the SOPPEXCCA cooperative are doing. They grow the beans that our partner THRIVE Farmers turns into delicious LWR Farmers Market Coffee and we have worked with them for years, thanks to your generosity.

The unrest began earlier this year when the government proposed reforming the pension system. The plan called for a greater contribution from employees and employers and a reduction in benefits for retirees. Protests ensued and, since April, hundreds of people have been killed and wounded.

The fighting led groups around the country to erect barricades on some roads, limiting transportation.

While our coffee farmer partners in the cooperative in Jinotaga area have not been directly affected by the violence, the blockades and limited transportation has hit them. For farmers like Jose, Gustavo, and Abelino, this means farm hands couldn't get to the fields. Supplies and food were delayed as well.

But your support is helping. Lutheran World Relief has worked with SOPPEXCCA to allocate some project funds to provide food for 400 families.

LWR’s Nicaragua country director, Nakord Garcia, said those families are continuing to receive food packets.

As the farmers try to resume their normal schedule – right now they are doing land preparation – we ask that you keep buying LWR Farmers Market Coffee and know that your generosity makes our work with our partners possible.


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