Give a life-changing gift, win life-changing coffee!

Nothing says love like an LWR Gift of a Cow, Goat, or a Piglet! (Wait...hear us out!)
Livestock may not be the first gift thing you think for a Valentine's Day gift, but for families around the world, these gifts of love do a world of good. Consider this:

A cow is more than just a cow...

Dairy Cow's also a prized possession! In places like Peru, cows are prized sources of milk that nourishes a family and increases income.

Give an LWR Dairy Cow!


Piglets aren't a "get rich quick" scheme...


....but they do produce income fast! Because little pigs quickly grow into big pigs, they can provide additional income for rural women in countries like Nepal.

Give an LWR Piglet!


Hearty goats are survivors...

...and promoters of self-sufficiency! In parts of the world like Niger, where the food supply is precarious, goats (and their milk) are a great asset for a farming family in need.

Give an LWR Goat!



Give a life-changing gift, win life-changing coffee!

When you buy an LWR Gift for Valentine's Day, you'll automatically be entered to win an LWR Farmers Market Coffee gift set! This special line of coffee is sourced directly from farmers working with LWR projects. Farmers get a strong, up-front price for their beans and share in the coffee profits. When you brew and share LWR Farmers Market Coffee, you and your loved ones can actually taste the difference you've made in the lives of coffee farmers.

All you have to do is purchase an LWR Gift by Valentine's Day* (February 14) for your chance to win this special gift set, that includes two bags of coffee (in the flavor of your choice) and your very own LWR Farmers Market mug! The winner will be announced the week of February 19.

This Valentine's Day, celebrate love. Give an LWR Gift!


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*The winner will be picked by random drawing from LWR Gifts purchases made from February 6 - 14, 2018.