Celebrating LWR Farmers Market Coffee with dessert!

    We're celebrating the one-year anniversary of LWR Farmers Market Coffee! This special line of coffee allows you to connect directly with farmers from LWR projects.
    And what better way to celebrate coffee than with dessert? That's why we asked some of our staff, quilters, and kit-makers to share their favorite dessert recipes, which you'll find below.

    We hope you enjoy these delectable desserts and, as you do, know that with LWR Farmers Market Coffee, farmers get a strong, up-front price for their beans, and share in the profits once they are sold as coffee — plus, 80 cents of each pound purchased is donated back to Lutheran World Relief to reach out to even more farmers in need.

    In celebration of the one-year anniversary of LWR Farmers Market Coffee, we invite you to enjoy 10% off your next order (individual or wholesale) with discount code CELEBRATE at checkout!

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    We hope you'll enjoy a delicious cup of LWR Farmers Market Coffee with...

    Vicky's Potato Chip Cookies

    Submitted by Vicky Whetstone, Lutheran World Relief's Senior Associate for Visibility and Engagement, these cookies are a real crowd-pleaser — light, crunchy, and not too sweet. And the best part? Nobody will suspect there are actual potato chips in them!

    Jan's Bundt Coffee Cake

    This delicious cake has a moist crumb, a crunchy crust, and a surprise in the middle! Submitted by dedicated quilt-maker, Jan Kruger, this recipe is perfect for your next potluck (along with a bag of LWR Farmers Market Coffee to share).

    Myron's Cranberry Orange Scones

    These zingy scones have just a few ingredients, don't take long to make, and are the perfect addition to your next brunch. Submitted by Lutheran World Relief staffer, Myron Burkholder, this recipe, along with a cup of delicious LWR Farmers Market Coffee, may become a family favorite.