Spread global holiday cheer with Thrivent Action Teams

Shirley Robish, of Strandburg, South Dakota, recently wrote to tell us about a new tradition her family has started for Christmas.
“For the past three Christmas gatherings,” she says, “part of our gift giving involves LWR Kits.”

Each member of her family contributes items for various types of kits as a part of their gifts to one another. Shirley says she buys the school supplies for LWR School Kits. Then the family divides up the work.

“The men pack Personal Care Kits. The grandchildren do School Kits and the women have either packed Fabric Kits or Baby Care Kits.”

This year, Shirley is using Thrivent Action Team funds to help purchase some of the items for the kits her family will assemble. Members of Thrivent Financial may be eligible to form a Thrivent Action Team, which is made up of a group of people who do a one-time fundraiser or service activity that can be completed within 90 days. If approved, your Action Team will receive seed money and supplies to plan your project!

If you’re a Thrivent member, and you’d like to bring your family together in service to your global neighbors this holiday season, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Plan an inter-generational “lock-in” at your church and assemble LWR Project Promise Kits to send overseas.
  2. Host a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and serve LWR Farmers Market Coffee with dessert.
  3. Coordinate an LWR Christmas quilt auction and use the proceeds to purchase an LWR Gift, such as a sheep or a goat that helps families in need around the world.
  4. Spread cheer at a local nursing home by organizing a Christmas caroling event, and share LWR Farmers Market Coffee and other treats.
  5. Organize a community Christmas potluck and lead your community in prayer for people living in poverty around the world.

Or come up with an idea all your own! To get started, click the button below to go to the Thrivent Financial website and apply to form an Action Team. And be sure to share your pictures on Facebook or by emailing us at We love to share your good work with others!

Form a team today!