Reaching out to starving children in South Sudan

Exciting news - thanks to some generous friends, your gifts to Lutheran World Relief Summer Matching Gift Challenge will be doubled - dollar-for-dollar, up to $187,287!

Double your gift today!

When you take part in this special opportunity, you reach out to even more farmers like Sheela, whose family has struggled under the weight of poverty and hunger.

Sheela is from Bihar, India, and she is a Dalit, or “untouchable.”  Her family faces discrimination at every level. On top of that, her family could barely grow enough crops to support themselves in their dry, rocky conditions. As a result, Sheela's family faced constant hunger and malnutrition. Just a few years ago, they could only afford to eat rice and plants she gathered in the forest. Her husband worked as a laborer 300 miles away, but they still couldn’t afford enough food or school fees for their kids.

But now her life is being transformed by friends like you.

With the help of people like you, Sheela's community received irrigation so they can grow more crops to feed and support their families. This summer, your gift can double to help even more families!

Gifts from people like you provided an irrigation system for Sheela's community, along with training on how to grow more vegetables. Now her crops are successful. She can feed her family year round. She even grows enough crops to sell and pay her children's school fees! And now her husband no longer has to migrate - he can stay home and help on the farm.

Now Sheela and other farmers in Bihar can grow enough vegetables to feed their families and to sell to pay for things like school fees. Your gift today can bring this kind of progress to even more communities!

For every success story like Sheela's, there are many more families in need. Your gift today can start a family on the pathway to self-sufficiency and resilience.

So what do you say? Will changing a life through LWR's 2017 Summer Matching Gift Challenge be on the list of things you did this summer?