LWR Update: Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

    As of the writing of this blog post, it's been two months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, bringing heavy rains and wind that have left millions without electricity, access to safe water, and other basic necessities.
    With the support of people like you, LWR is responding in the Adjuntas municipality of Puerto Rico by providing water filtration units for communities to access safe drinking water, solar lanterns that can also be used to charge cell phones, and cash transfers so that families can meet their immediate needs.

    In November John Rivera, LWR Media Relations Manager, and Noah Steinberg Di Stefano, LWR Emergency Operations Manager, traveled to Puerto Rico to meet some of the people affected by the disaster, see the needs on the ground, and get our response started.

    Below are two different kinds of reports from their trip: one is a vivid photo story where you'll get to meet some of the people they met and see the situation on the ground. They also did a Facebook live update, and the replay is below.

    Thank you for your support of Lutheran World Relief! If you'd like to support our response in Puerto Rico, please give a gift today.

    Photo Story: Puerto Rico Forges Ahead After Hurricane Maria

    Click on the image below to view a photo story of the people John and Noah met in Puerto Rico, and the places they visited.

    LWR Q&A: Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

    This short Q&A is about 30 minutes long and in it, John and Noah detail what they saw on the ground, the needs, and answer viewer questions. Click the video to watch it.