Introducing LWR Farmers Market Coffee

Through your generous gifts to Lutheran World Relief, you support coffee farmers around the world by helping them improve their coffee crops, business skills, and quality of life.
And now there's another way to directly connect with coffee farmers through Lutheran World Relief.

We're excited to launch LWR Farmers Market Coffee -- a line of coffee sourced directly from farmers participating in LWR coffee projects. Every delicious cup helps transform poor communities that depend on their coffee crop to feed their families. Farmers are given a stable, predictable, and higher price upfront for their beans.

With LWR Farmers Market Coffee, farmers aren’t just suppliers of coffee beans, they are partners in the coffee business -- and because this coffee is sourced directly from LWR project participants, you will see the faces and learn the stories of the actual farmers who grow your coffee. And 80 cents of every pound you purchase goes back into LWR projects to benefit more farmers around the world!

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How does it work?

LWR is producing Farmers Market Coffee in partnership with THRIVE Farmers, a coffee roaster who shares our passion for helping farmers lift themselves out of poverty, and become self-sufficient and better able to support their families.

Meet the Farmers!

These are just a few of the hardworking coffee farmers of the SOPPEXCCA coffee cooperative, in Nicaragua, who grow beans for LWR Farmers Market Coffee. Lutheran World Relief has worked with SOPPEXCCA for several years, helping farmers diversify their crops, use natural resources more efficiently, and improve the quality of their coffee. As a result of this work, supported by gifts from people just like you, farmers now have access to better equipment to process their coffee, knowledge of how to protect their environment, and the ability to grow cocoa in addition to coffee as a means of income.

Thank you for supporting LWR coffee farmers! Take a moment to get to know a few of the farmers who grow the beans for LWR Farmers Market Coffee.

Gustavo Adolfo Talavera Herrera

“I am proud that my coffee allows me to support my children.” (Photo: Made Known Pictures, for LWR)

Jose Martinez Flores

"Each one of my sons has a piece of land that they own. They can harvest it themselves because they own it." (Photo: Made Known Pictures, for LWR)

Abelino Jose Harrera

“Coffee is a noble crop because it is in high demand and is difficult to raise.” (Photo: Made Known Pictures, for LWR)