Helping farmers like Gustavo provide for their families

We first introduced you to Gustavo as a farmer whose coffee is a part of the new LWR Farmers Market Coffee - a line sourced directly from farmers working with Lutheran World Relief. This is the story of how your support of LWR has helped Gustavo - and how you can continue to help other farmers go from survival to stability with LWR. Thank you for your support!

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“An old farmer once told me, ‘Take really good care of your coffee farm. That’s your daily bread.'” says Gustavo, a grandfather and coffee farmer in Nicaragua.

But for many years, growing coffee did not provide his family their daily bread. He has to overcome enormous obstacles to make a living because of threats to his harvest from plant diseases, unstable weather patterns and middlemen who seek to benefit from his hard work.

But generous people like you are changing Gustavo’s life through his agricultural cooperative that has partnered with Lutheran World Relief to improve the lives and incomes of its farmers.  Now Gustavo gets a better price for his coffee. That’s because he’s learning to use organic and improved coffee-processing methods — and he uses disease resistant plants. Plus, selling through the coop means they can skip middlemen and bargain for a better price.

Gustavo is so relieved when a good harvest means he can feed his family. And he’s hopeful for the future because he can help his grandkids attend school. Gustavo’s wife, Maria, is also thankful.

“I am proud that my coffee allows me to support my children,” Gustavo says.