Help families like Mary’s recover and fight back drought

Mary and her young children live in rural Kenya. She grows eggplant and okra on her farm. But feeding her hungry family has been a desperate struggle when the rains don’t arrive on time in this seasonally dry land.
For the past few years, Kenya and surrounding regions have been facing terrible droughts. And when the seasonal rains finally do come, violent storms often cause devastating floods. Your gift today can help families like Mary's find stability and build self-sufficiency.

I want to help!

Right now, some areas in Kenya have been declared a national disaster due to this drought crisis. But thanks to supporters like you, Lutheran World Relief helped Mary’s community dig a borehole to get lifesaving irrigation water. Solar-powered pumps store the water in tanks, so Mary can grow crops even when the dry weather returns. “I have benefitted a lot from the project,” she says.

Mary stands in her garden as water is directed from a borehole into channels dug into her land.

With the new borehole in place, Mary gets her turn to use water on her farm every 10 days. She can now harvest enough to sell and pay for school fees, clothing for her family and food items they don’t grow themselves.

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