Flash floods devastate India and Nepal

Heavy rains, flooding and landslides that began on August 11 have claimed lives, destroyed crops and displaced families in India and Nepal. Lutheran World Relief is responding with $100,000 in immediate aid to families.
While the full extent of the damage, and its impact, remains to be seen, here's what we know right now:

  • More than 17.5 million people are affected by the flooding and mudslides
  • More than a million people are displaced from their homes
  • More than 400 people have been reported dead or missing in Nepal and India
  • 2,881 homes have been partially or completely destroyed in Nepal

This disaster also submerged crops in Nepal’s fertile southern rim, threatening to drive thousands of people into hunger.

Our local staff and partners on the ground report that families urgently need ready-to-eat food, essential household items, support for housing and livelihood support for families who lost everything they own in the floods.

LWR is responding

Lutheran World Relief is focusing its immediate response on short-term food rations for families:

  • In Nepal, LWR is providing food to an initial 1,650 families in the Bardiya and Narawparasi districts, two of three districts where it has been working with local partners and rural residents.
  • In India, we are reaching families with emergency shelter and essential non-food items in 19 villages throughout Bihar state, where we have existing projects.

Please help

Your gift today will reach families affected by these devastating floods with food assistance and other life-sustaining relief.